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Know Who You’re Hiring

People are your most important asset. They directly contribute to the success or failure of your organization. Doesn’t it make sense to know as much as you can about them before you hire them? Consider the following statistics gathered from government and private sources:

  • 45% of resumes contain false or exaggerated information
  • 33% of job applicants falsify employment applications
  • 60% of colleges regularly experience attempts to falsify credentials

Federal Fingerprinting / ESS can help you overcome these obstacles with high quality, comprehensive, and timely pre-employment background reports.First, we check resume and job application information from our traditional sources. Then our highly trained professionals gather much more than just “name, address and basic information” from former employers and references… We go much further, we then cross-reference all of this information with a variety of national and state databases to find any discrepancies or omissions with the information provided to us to ensure our results are as accurate and thorough as possible.
Employment Background Checks

A few of the Background Checks we provide:

  • Criminal History Search
  • International Criminal History Search
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Federal Records Search
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Professional License Verification
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Workers Compensation History
  • Etc.(You name it we can probably do it)

The costs involved in recruiting, hiring, training, and then replacing a person are staggering. So are the risks posed by employee theft, security violations, and law suits.

Your company’s success depends on an honest and productive work force.

Pre-employment background reports from Federal Fingerprinting / ESS provide exactly the information you need to hire the most qualified applicants and avoid potential problem employees.

We know how critical the hiring process is to you. Quite literally, the next person you hire could be the reason for your company’s success or failure.

That is why Federal Fingerprinting / ESS is dedicated to providing you with timely, accurate and cost-effective background checks and drug testing to help you make those important hiring decisions.

Let Federal Fingerprinting Help

We have helped thousands of companies nationwide with their background checks and pre-employment screening. We have developed a reputation for providing quality service and personal consulting that sets us apart from our competitors.

For professionalism, experience and dependability look no further than Federal Fingerprinting / ESS. For more information, please contact us by phone at (888) 417-0203 or email us at:

Federal Fingerprinting offers background checks for pre-employment screening for jobs, volunteers, you name it! Our employment screening service actually uses real people that are background investigators to review each background check and then cross references that information to ensure that it is the correct person and correct information rather than most background check services that only uses a computer to go out and pull public record information that is usually outdated or incorrect. Our background check service goes above and beyond most other background check services. In a number of different cases our background check service has caught someone that has either lied or has even had a background check previously ran on them and it came up with nothing. We offer several different packages and also fully customized packages that we can set you or your organization up with. Please give us a call today to discuss pricing and packages.

Let us check out your employees before you have them work for you. Why put yourself or company at risk if you don’t have to… Our background specialist have been specializing in background checks for over 17 years and are rated as one of the top in their industry. By using our background specialist you not only get the BEST service and results but also one of the FASTEST turnaround times for background checks.

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